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The Brotherhood - One Shot / Nothing In Particular Remixes 2x[12"] '96

A1 One Shot (Album Version) (4:31)
A2 One Shot (Instrumental) (4:30)
B1 One Shot (96 Remix) (5:12)
B2 One Shot (96 Remix Instrumental) (5:13)
C1 Nothing In Particular (Album Version) (4:23)
C2 Nothing In Particular (Instrumental) (4:24)
D1 Nothing In Particular (Subjectual Remix) (4:13)
D2 Nothing In Particular (Subjectual Remix Instrumental) (4:24)

The Brotherhood - Alphabetical Response / One³ [12"] '95

A1 Alphabetical Response (LP Version)
A2 Alphabetical Response (Instrumental)
B1 One³ (LP Version)
B2 One³ (Instrumental)

Lost Boyz - Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz (Remix) [12"] '95

A1 Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz (LP Version) (4:27)
A2 Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz (Sparks Meets Dawg Mix) (4:44)
B1 Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz (Dat Nigga Mix)
B2 Keep It Real

Lord Finesse - Gameplan / Actual Facts [12"] '96

A1 Gameplan (LP Version)
A2 Soul Plan
A3 Soul Plan (Instrumental)
A4 Soul Plan (Accapella)
B1 Actual Facts (LP Version)
[Featuring] - Grand Puba, Large Professor, Sadat X
B2 Actual Facts (Instrumental)
B3 Underworld Operations [Featuring] - Marquee
B4 Underworld Operations (Instrumental)

Lewis Parker - Rise / Visions Of Splendour [12"] '96

A1 Rise (Vocal)
A2 Rise (Instrumental)
A3 Rise (Acapella)
B1 Visions Of Splendour (Vocal)
B2 Visions Of Splendour (Instrumental)
B3 The Sea Freestyle
B4 Visions Of Splendour (Acapella)

Lewis Parker - B-Boy Antiks [12"] '96

A1 Walk in the Sky
A2 R.O.W.
A3 Jedi Antiks
A4 Planets
A5 Mysteries of Life

Jemini The Gifted One - Who Wanna Step II Dis (Remix) / I.M.C.U.D.O.N.T. [12"] '98

A1 Who Wanna Step II Dis (Remix) (4:13)
A2 Who Wanna Step II Dis (Remix) (4:13)
A3 Who Wanna Step II Dis (Remix) (4:13)
B1 I.M.C.U.D.O.N.T. (I MC U Don't)(Street) (4:36)
B2 I.M.C.U.D.O.N.T. (I MC U Don't)(Radio) (4:36)
B3 I.M.C.U.D.O.N.T. (I MC U Don't)(Instrumental) (4:33)
B4 I.M.C.U.D.O.N.T. (I MC U Don't)(Acapella) (4:23)

Group Home - Livin' Proof [12"] '95

A1 Livin' Proof (Street) (4:15)
A2 Livin' Proof (Clean) (4:15)
A3 Livin' Proof (Instrumental) (4:15)
B1 Supa Dupa Star (June 1994 Demo Version) (4:02)
B2 Supa Dupa Star (Clean) (4:02)
B3 Supa Dupa Star (Instrumental) (4:03)

Group Home - Suspended In Time [12''] '96

A1 Suspended In Time (Groovy Remix Street) (3:56)
A2 Suspended In Time (Groovy Remix Clean) (3:56)
A3 Suspended In Time (LP Version Street) (4:34)
A4 Suspended In Time (LP Version Clean) (3:13)
B1 Tha Realness (Street) (4:32) [Featuring] - Jack The Ripper, Smiley The Ghetto Child
B2 Tha Realness (Clean) (4:32) [Featuring] - Jack The Ripper, Smiley The Ghetto Child
B3 Tha Realness (Instrumental) (4:32)
B4 Suspended In Time (Instrumental) (4:34)

Brand Nubian - Allah U Akbar [12"] '93

A1 Allah U Akbar (Album Vocal)
A2 Allah U Akbar (Remix Vocal)
A3 Allah U Akbar (Album Instrumental)
B1 Steal Ya 'Ho (Album Vocal)
B2 Steal Ya 'Ho (Remix Vocal)
B3 Steal Ya 'Ho (Album Instrumental)

Black Moon - How Many Emcee's (Must Get Dissed) / Act Like U Want [12"] '93

A1 How Many Emcee's (Must Get Dissed) (Bushwick Jeep Mix)
A2 How Many Emcee's (Must Get Dissed) (Bushwick Jeep Beats)
A3 How Many Emcee's (Must Get Dissed) (Clean Radio Edit)
A4 How Many Emcee's (Must Get Dissed) (Acappella)
B1 Act Like U Want (F.A.P. Mix)
B2 Act Like U Want (F.A.P. Instrumental)
B3 Act Like U Want (Clean Radio Edit)

A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God [12"] '94

A1 Oh My God (LP Version) (3:29)
A2 Oh My God (Remix) (4:02)
A3 Oh My God (Know Naim Remix) (2:48)
B1 Lyrics To Go (LP Version) (4:09)
B2 Lyrics (Remix) (3:50)
B3 One Two Shit (4:31) [Featuring] - Busta Rhymes

Ill Al Skratch - Chill With That [12"] '95

A1 Chill With That (Easy Mo Bee's Radio Mix) (3:54)
A2 Chill With That (Radio Re-Mix) (4:04)
A3 Chill With That (LP Version) (4:53)
B1 Chill With That (Easy Mo Bee's Instrumental) (4:15)
B2 Chill With That (Re-Mix Instrumental) (4:54)
B3 Chill With That (Minnesota's Party Jam) (4:38)

Most Desh - Hip Hop Is Livin' EP [12"] '95

A1 Hip Hop Is Livin'
A2 Cops & Crackrock
B1 Microphone Enhancer [Featuring] - LPSD
B2 Microphone Enhancer (Instrumental)

Heather B. - I Get Wreck [12"] '92

A1 I Get Wreck (13 And Under Radio Version)
A2 I Get Wreck (Street Mix)
A3 I Get Wreck (Instrumental)
B1 Get A Job (Street Mix)
B2 Get A Job (Instrumental)

Heather B. - If Headz Only Knew [12"] '96

A1 If Headz Only Knew (Radio Version) (4:39)
A2 If Headz Only Knew (Main Version) (4:42)
A3 If Headz Only Knew (Instrumental With Chorus Version) (4:42)
B1 No Doubt (Radio Version) (4:00)
B2 No Doubt (Main Version) (4:06)
B3 No Doubt (Instrumental Version) (4:00)

Crime Wave - War Fair [12"] '97

A1 War Fair (Dirty)
A2 War Fair (Clean)
B1 War Fair (Instrumental)
B2 War Fair (Acapella)

Nightbreed - 2 Roads Out The Ghetto [12"] '98

A1 2 Roads Out The Ghetto
A2 Long Time Coming
B1 Ruckus
B2 2 Roads Out The Ghetto (Instrumental)

Phace - Dead Presidents [12"] '95

A1 Dead Presidents (Around The Way Mix)
A2 Dead Presidents (Ace Of Spades Mix)
A3 Dead Presidents (Radio Edit)
B1 Dead Presidents (Ace Of Spades Instrumental)
B2 Dead Presidents (Live Joint)
B3 Queens Is The County (Bonus Track)

Gunshot - Mind Of A Razor [12''] '95

A1 Mind Of A Razor (Jagged Edge Remix) (Vocal) (4:47)
A2 Mind Of A Razor (Jagged Edge Remix) (Instrumental) (4:47)
B1 Social Psychotics (Psyche Analysis Mix) (Vocal) (5:47) [Featuring] - Barry Blue
B2 Social Psychotics (Psyche Analysis Mix) (Instrumental) (5:47)

Hillfiguz - Not Enuff Time / Da Broke Theory [12"] '97

A1 Not Enuff Time (Iceberg Mix)
A2 Not Enuff Time (Plaza Mob Mix)
A3 Not Enuff Time (Instrumental)
B1 Da Broke Theory (Plaza Mob Mix)
B2 Da Broke Theory (Instrumental)

Blahzay Blahzay - Pain I Feel [12"] '96

A1 Pain I Feel (Dirty Version) (4:02)
A2 Pain I Feel (Radio Version) (3:59)
A3 Pain I Feel (TV Track) (4:10)
B1 Good Cop Bad Cop (Dirty Version) (5:23)
B2 Good Cop Bad Cop (Radio Version) (4:01)
B3 Good Cop Bad Cop (TV Mix) (5:22)
B4 Good Cop Bad Cop (Bonus Beats) (2:24)

Souls Of Mischief - 93 'Til Infinity [12"] '93

A1 93 'Til Infinity (LP Version) (4:46)
A2 93 'Til Infinity (Remix) (4:40)
B1 93 'Til Infinity (LP Instrumental) (4:48)
B2 93 'Til Infinity (Remix Instrumental) (4:40)
B3 Disseshowedo (3:59)

Ill Featuring Al Skratch - Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way) [12"] '94

A1 Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way) (Radio Mix) (4:00)
A2 Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way) (Instrumental) (4:06)
B1 Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way) (Extended Mix) (5:34)
B2 Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way) (Dub Mix) (6:16)

Grav - Sex / City To City [12"] '96

A1 Sex (Radio Edit)
A2 Sex (Main Version)
A3 Sex (Instrumental)
B1 City To City (Radio Edit) [Featuring] - Al' Tariq, Lil Ray
B2 City To City (Main Version) [Featuring] - Al' Tariq, Lil Ray
B3 City To City (Instrumental)

Grav - C'mon / Snakebite [12"] '96

A1 C'mon (Radio Edit) (3:44)
A2 C'mon (Album Version) (4:19)
A3 C'mon (Instrumental) (4:18)
B1 Snakebite (Radio Edit) (3:21)
B2 Snakebite (Album Version) (3:21)
B3 Snakebite (Instrumental) (3:21)

Bahamadia - Total Wreck [12''] '94

A1 Total Wreck (Radio Version)
A2 Total Wreck (Street Version)
A3 Total Wreck (Remix Radio Version)
B1 Total Wreck (Remix Street Version)
B2 Total Wreck (Remix Instrumental)
B3 Total Wreck (Instrumental)

Hard 2 Obtain - Heels Without Souls / Hip Hop Lifestyle [12"] '94

A1 Heels Without Souls (Remix Clean) (4:14)
A2 Heels Without Souls (LP Version - Clean) (4:16)
A3 Heels Without Souls (Remix Instrumental) (4:07)
B1 Hip Hop Lifestyle (Unavailable on LP) (4:17)
B2 Hip Hop Lifestyle (Instrumental) (4:11)

Hard 2 Obtain - L.I. Groove [12"] '93

A1 L.I. Groove (LP Version) (4:38)
A2 L.I. Groove (Remix) (4:06)
A3 L.I. Groove (Instrumental) (4:38)
B1 Shit We Do (LP Version) (5:20)
B2 Off The Top (Straight From The 12 Block) (1:45)
B3 Shit We Do (Instrumental) (5:19)

Nonchalant - 5 O'Clock [12"] '96

A1 5 O'Clock (The K-Def Mix) (4:25)
A2 5 O'Clock (B.L.A.K. Productions Mix) (5:06)
B1 5 O'Clock (Dust 'Til Dawn Remix) (4:47)
B2 5 O'Clock (DJ Heart Attack Remix) (4:54)
B3 5 O'Clock (LP Version) (4:45)

AK Skills - One Life Ta Live / East Ta West [12"] '96

A1 One Life Ta Live (Dirty)
A2 One Life Ta Live (Clean)
A3 One Life Ta Live (Instrumental)
A4 One Life Ta Live (Acapella)
B1 East Ta West (Dirty)
B2 East Ta West (Clean)
B3 East Ta West (Instrumental)
B4 East Ta West (Acapella)

AK Skills - Check Tha Flava [12"] '96

A1 Check Tha Flava (Clean)
A2 Check Tha Flava (Dirty)
A3 Check Tha Flava (Instrumental)
B1 Nights Of Fear (Clean)
B2 Nights Of Fear (Dirty)
B3 Nights Of Fear (Instrumental)

Flatlinerz - Satanic Verses [12''] '94

A1 Satanic Verses (LP Version) (4:51)
A2 Satanic Verses (Radio Edit) (3:55)
A3 Satanic Verses (Acappella) (3:58)
B1 Satanic Verses (Instrumental) (4:51)
B2 Run (LP Version) (3:25)
B3 Run (Instrumental) (3:25)

Flatlinerz - Live Evil [12"] '94

A1 Live Evil (LP Version) (3:50)
A2 Live Evil (Radio Edit) (3:51)
A3 Live Evil (Acapella) (3:14)
B1 Live Evil (Instrumental) (3:51)
B2 Rivaz Of Red (LP Version) (4:32)
B3 Rivaz Of Red (Instrumental) (4:33)

пятница, 30 января 2009 г.

Ill Brothers - Suck My 12 Inch [12"] '99

A1 Suck My 12 Inch-Ro
A2 Blue Label
A3 For L.A.
A4 What I Do
B1 Blue Label (Beat Manifesto)
B2 For L.A. (How We Make Beats)
B3 What I Do (Bare Essential)

Ill Brothers - Olestra / Funkneck [12"] '97

A1 Olestra "Make It Fat" (Radio)
A2 Olestra "Make It Fat" (Dirty)
A3 Olestra "Make It Fat" (Instrumental)
B1 Funkneck (Radio)
B2 Funkneck (Dirty)
B3 Funkneck (Instrumental)
B4 Summalammateena

четверг, 29 января 2009 г.

Kaliphz - Vibe Da Joint EP [12"] '94

A1 Vibe Da Joint
A2 Tru Skool M-Bassadaz
B1 Threesixnine Part 1
B2 Threesixnine Part 2

Fatal - Timber [12"] '93

A1 Timber (Radio Mix) (3:03)
A2 Timber (LP Mix) (3:03)
A3 Timber (Instrumental) (3:03)
B1 Pass The Kronz (Radio Mix) (3:01) [Featuring] - ThePhelon
B2 Pass The Kronz (LP Mix) (3:02) [Featuring] - The Phelon
B3 Pass The Kronz (Instrumental) (3:02)