пятница, 18 декабря 2009 г.

воскресенье, 13 декабря 2009 г.

Rubberoom - Street Theme / White Hot Razors [12"] '97

A1 Street Theme (Clean)

A2 Street Theme (Filthy)

A3 Street Theme (Instrumental)

B1 White Hot Razors (Clean)

B2 White Hot Razors (Filthy)

B3 White Hot Razors (Instrumental)

B4 White Hot Razors (Acapella)


People Without Shoes - Nappyhead Assassin [12"] '95

A1 Nappyhead Assassin (Loud Mouth Dread) (Radio)

A2 Nappyhead Assassin (Loud Mouth Dread) (Instrumental)

A3 Nappyhead Assassin (Loud Mouth Dread) (Street)

A4 Evil For Eternity (Remix Radio)

A5 Evil For Eternity (Remix Instrumental)

B1 If (Radio)

B2 If (Street)

B3 If (Instrumental)

B4 Evil For Eternity (Radio)

B5 Evil For Eternity (Instrumental)


People Without Shoes - Green Shoe Laces [12"] '94

A1 Green Shoe Laces (Original)

A2 Green Shoe Laces (Instrumental)

B1 Evil For Eternity

B2 Green Shoe Laces (Cool Out)


Gig Saw - We Ride Da Beats / Bullzeye / Bigons [12"] '97

A1 We Ride Da Beats

A2 Bullzeye

B1 Bigons

B2 Bigons (Instrumental)


пятница, 11 декабря 2009 г.

Lord Sear / Stak Chedda - Alcoholic Vibes / My Hindu Love [12"] '97

A1 Lord Sear - Alcoholic Vibes (Dirty)

A2 Lord Sear - Alcoholic Vibes (Instrumental)

B1 Stak Chedda - My Hindu Love (Dirty)

B2 Stak Chedda - My Hindu Love (Instrumental)

B3 Stak Chedda - Tony Randall Stop Jerking Off


среда, 2 декабря 2009 г.

Pretzel's Logic - The Promo [12"] '95

A1 The Promo

A2 The Promo (NC-17)

A3 The Promo (NC-Instrumental)

B1 Promo Remix - "U Can Run"

B2 Promo Remix - Instrumental "U Can Run"

B3 Who You Think?


Jay Sun N.Y.C. - Ain't Havin' It / I'll Trip [12"] '9x

A1 Ain't Havin' It (Club The Beat Mix)

A2 Ain't Havin' It (Radio)

B1 I'll Trip (Basement Mix)

B2 Ain't Havin' It (The Jeep Mix)


Kapone - Get Down To It / No Jurisdiction [12"] '95

A1 Get Down To It (Clean Mix) [ Additional Vocals ] - Keith Murray

A2 Get Down To It (Instrumental)

A3 Get Down To It (A Cappella) [ Additional Vocals ] - Keith Murray

B1 No Jurisdiction (Clean Mix)

B2 No Jurisdiction (Instrumental)


108 Dragons - The Black Dragon EP [12"] '98

A1 The Black Dragon

A2 We Can Get Together

A3 Loose Talk In The Lab

A4 Grimlock

B1 The Black Dragon (Instrumental)

B2 We Can Get Together (Instrumental)

B3 Loose (Instrumental)

B4 Grimstrumental


Sho-Nuf - No Nice Timez / Who Wanna Taste / Big Apple Anthem [12"] '97

A1 No Nice Timez

A2 Who Wanna Taste

B1 Big Apple Anthem

B2 Big Apple Anthem (Acapella)


D.L.R. / East Flatbush House Of Rep.s - Show N Prove / E.F. House Of Rep.s [12"] '96

A1 D.L.R. - Show N Prove (N.Y.C. Version) Radio

A2 D.L.R. - Show N Prove (Universal Club Mix)

B1 East Flatbush House Of Rep.s - E.F. House Of Rep.s (Raw Dog Version)


Kool Keith - Wanna Be A Star [12"] '96

A1 Wanna Be A Star

A2 Wanna Be A Star (Instrumental)

B1 Slide We Fly [ Featuring ] - Noggin' Nodders

B2 Slide We Fly (Instrumental)


Kool Keith - Plastic World / Get Off My Elevator [12"] '97

A1 Plastic World (Video Version)

A2 Plastic World (TV Track)

B1 Get Off My Elevator (Video Version)

B2 Get Off My Elevator (TV Track)


Kool Keith - Livin' Astro (Promo) [12"] '98

A1 Livin' Astro (Album Mix)

A2 Livin' Astro (Da Rock Remix)

B1 Livin' Astro (Baka Boys Remix #1)

B2 Livin' Astro (Instrumental)


Arsonists & Anomolies / El Battalion - Blacklisted / MC Squared [12"] '99

A1 Arsonists & Anomolies - Blacklisted (Clean)

A2 Arsonists & Anomolies - Blacklisted (Dirty)

A3 Arsonists & Anomolies - Blacklisted (Instrumental)

B1 El Battalion - MC Squared (Clean)

B2 El Battalion - MC Squared (Instrumental)

B3 El Battalion - Combat Clash [Featuring] - Gutter, K. Krash


III D. - Can I Pump That [12"] '94

A1 Can I Pump That (LP Version)

A2 Can I Pump That (LP Instrumental)

A3 Can I Pump That (Acappella)

B1 Can I Pump That (Naked Mix)

B2 Peep The Flow (LP Version)