четверг, 25 марта 2010 г.

Lord Eternal - Boogie Down Bronx [12"] '97

Boogie Side

1. BDB - Boogie Down Bronx: The Resurrection (Radio Vocal Version)

2. BDB (Street Version)

3. Lord E (H.A.) (Radio Version)

Drama Side

1. Drama (Radio Edit)

2. Drama (Jail Version)

3. Drama (Instrumental)


понедельник, 15 марта 2010 г.

Black Mongoose - Soldiers Last Battle (EP) [12"] '99

A1 Soldiers Last Battle

A2 All Out

B1 Millenium 2000 Pt. 2

B2 Drugs Pt. 2


суббота, 13 марта 2010 г.

Ten Thieves - It Don't Matter [12"] '95

A1 It Don't Matter (Radio Mix)

A2 It Don't Matter (Straight Mix)

A3 It Don't Matter (Instrumental)

B1 It Don't Matter (B-A-D Mix)

B2 It Don't Matter (B-A-D Instrumental)


пятница, 12 марта 2010 г.

Madflowas - Enter The Realm Pt.1 [12"] '96

A1 Enter The Realm, Pt. 1

A2 Enter The Realm, Pt. 1 (Remix)

B1 Enter The Realm (Acapella)

B2 Satisfaction


Storm The Unpredictable Featuring DJ D'Salaam - MC's Be Killin' Me [12"] '97

A1 MC's Be Killin' Me

A2 Verbal Expressions

A3 Middle East [Featuring] - Kokayi, Muyi, Priest Da Nomad

B1 MC's Be Killin' Me (Instrumental)

B2 Verbal Expressions (Instrumental)


Percee P - Nowhere Near Simple [12"] '96

A1 Nowhere Near Simple (Clean Edit)

A2 Nowhere Near Simple (Street Mix)

A3 Nowhere Near Simple (Instrumental)

B1 Don't Cum Strapped (Street Mix)

B2 Don't Cum Strapped (Instrumental)


Rock The M.C. - Don't Stop The Hip Hop [12"] '92

A Don't Stop The Hip Hop (Vocal)

B Don't Stop The Hip Hop (Dub Instrumental)


Street Smartz - F-It-Less [12"] '97

A1 F-It-Less (Dirty)

A2 F-It-Less (Radio)

A3 F-It-Less (Instrumental)

B1 Don't Trust Anyone (Remix) (Dirty)

B2 Don't Trust Anyone (Remix) (Radio)

B3 Don't Trust Anyone (Remix) (Instrumental)


Street Smartz - Ain't No Burna [12"] '96

A1 Ain't No Burna (Dirty)

A2 Ain't No Burna (Instrumental)

B1 Ain't No Burna (Clean)

B2 Ain't No Burna (Instrumental)


Hodge - Head Nod [12"] '95

A1 Head Nod (Radio Mix)3:43

A2 Head Nod (E-Plugg Systemz Mix)4:22

A3 Head Nod (Anniversary Remix) 4:30

B1 Head Nod (Concrete Remix) 4:38

B2 Head Nod (Concrete Instrumental) 4:39

B3 Head Nod (Acapella) 4:27


Infa Red - Eastside Via to Brooklyn [12"] '95

A1 East Side Via To Brooklyn

A2 Brandish Tha Steel

AA1 East Side (Mix 2)

AA2 East Side (Mix 3)


B.A.G.S. - Murda N Da Hood [12"] '95

A1 Murda N Da Hood

A2 Wicked N Raw

B1 Super Star

B2 Dayz Like Dis


M-Slash - Limited Edition / Promo Vinil [12"] '96

Wild Side

If You Test We (New East Anthem) [Featuring] - Big Oh!

If You Test We (Clean) [Featuring] - Big Oh!

Fire Side

Bigga Texture (Sex-Shooter) (Dirty) [Featuring] - Kelly Keel

Natural Disaster (Dirty)