суббота, 11 сентября 2010 г.

четверг, 25 марта 2010 г.

Lord Eternal - Boogie Down Bronx [12"] '97

Boogie Side

1. BDB - Boogie Down Bronx: The Resurrection (Radio Vocal Version)

2. BDB (Street Version)

3. Lord E (H.A.) (Radio Version)

Drama Side

1. Drama (Radio Edit)

2. Drama (Jail Version)

3. Drama (Instrumental)


понедельник, 15 марта 2010 г.

Black Mongoose - Soldiers Last Battle (EP) [12"] '99

A1 Soldiers Last Battle

A2 All Out

B1 Millenium 2000 Pt. 2

B2 Drugs Pt. 2


суббота, 13 марта 2010 г.

Ten Thieves - It Don't Matter [12"] '95

A1 It Don't Matter (Radio Mix)

A2 It Don't Matter (Straight Mix)

A3 It Don't Matter (Instrumental)

B1 It Don't Matter (B-A-D Mix)

B2 It Don't Matter (B-A-D Instrumental)


пятница, 12 марта 2010 г.

Madflowas - Enter The Realm Pt.1 [12"] '96

A1 Enter The Realm, Pt. 1

A2 Enter The Realm, Pt. 1 (Remix)

B1 Enter The Realm (Acapella)

B2 Satisfaction


Storm The Unpredictable Featuring DJ D'Salaam - MC's Be Killin' Me [12"] '97

A1 MC's Be Killin' Me

A2 Verbal Expressions

A3 Middle East [Featuring] - Kokayi, Muyi, Priest Da Nomad

B1 MC's Be Killin' Me (Instrumental)

B2 Verbal Expressions (Instrumental)


Percee P - Nowhere Near Simple [12"] '96

A1 Nowhere Near Simple (Clean Edit)

A2 Nowhere Near Simple (Street Mix)

A3 Nowhere Near Simple (Instrumental)

B1 Don't Cum Strapped (Street Mix)

B2 Don't Cum Strapped (Instrumental)


Rock The M.C. - Don't Stop The Hip Hop [12"] '92

A Don't Stop The Hip Hop (Vocal)

B Don't Stop The Hip Hop (Dub Instrumental)


Street Smartz - F-It-Less [12"] '97

A1 F-It-Less (Dirty)

A2 F-It-Less (Radio)

A3 F-It-Less (Instrumental)

B1 Don't Trust Anyone (Remix) (Dirty)

B2 Don't Trust Anyone (Remix) (Radio)

B3 Don't Trust Anyone (Remix) (Instrumental)


Street Smartz - Ain't No Burna [12"] '96

A1 Ain't No Burna (Dirty)

A2 Ain't No Burna (Instrumental)

B1 Ain't No Burna (Clean)

B2 Ain't No Burna (Instrumental)


Hodge - Head Nod [12"] '95

A1 Head Nod (Radio Mix)3:43

A2 Head Nod (E-Plugg Systemz Mix)4:22

A3 Head Nod (Anniversary Remix) 4:30

B1 Head Nod (Concrete Remix) 4:38

B2 Head Nod (Concrete Instrumental) 4:39

B3 Head Nod (Acapella) 4:27


Infa Red - Eastside Via to Brooklyn [12"] '95

A1 East Side Via To Brooklyn

A2 Brandish Tha Steel

AA1 East Side (Mix 2)

AA2 East Side (Mix 3)


B.A.G.S. - Murda N Da Hood [12"] '95

A1 Murda N Da Hood

A2 Wicked N Raw

B1 Super Star

B2 Dayz Like Dis


M-Slash - Limited Edition / Promo Vinil [12"] '96

Wild Side

If You Test We (New East Anthem) [Featuring] - Big Oh!

If You Test We (Clean) [Featuring] - Big Oh!

Fire Side

Bigga Texture (Sex-Shooter) (Dirty) [Featuring] - Kelly Keel

Natural Disaster (Dirty)


суббота, 20 февраля 2010 г.

Mad Drauma - Flip Personality / Blow Up Da Spot [12"] '94

A Flip Personality (Vocal)

B Blow Up Da Spot (Vocal)


Connecticut Kartel - The Question Is [12"] '97

A1 C.K. State Of Mind

A2 All Out

B1 Birth Control

B2 Money Clips (Short Version)


Constant Deviants - Competition Catch Speed Knots [12"] '96

A1 Competition Catch Speed Knots (Raw Like Beef Version)

A2 Competition Catch Speed Knots (Radio Version)

B1 Competition Catch Speed Knots (Instrumental)

B2 Competition Catch Speed Knots (Accapella)


воскресенье, 17 января 2010 г.

The Doxxmen - Magnetic Attrack / Spontaneous Combustion [12"] '97

A1 Magnetic Attrack (Radio)

A2 Magnetic Attrack (Dirty)

A3 Magnetic Attrack (Instrumental)

B1 Spontaneous Combustion (Radio)

B2 Spontaneous Combustion (Dirty)

B3 Spontaneous Combustion (Instrumental)


Rhyme Animal Featuring Deemo Da Pro - Untitled [12"]

A1 The Art Of War

A2 Real Feelings [Featuring] - J-Wrecka, Preach, Trauma

A3 Only If...

B1 Rhyme Animal

B2 Papers And Gold

B3 Backdraft [Featuring] - Terra Allah


First World / Black Essence / Fort Greene Assasins / Brooklyn Assault Team / Bloodfunk - Fort Greene's Cookin [12"] '96

A1 Fort Greene's Cookin (Street Version)

B1 Fort Greene's Cookin (Radio Edit)

B2 Fort Greene's Cookin (Instrumental)


Stezo - Untitled [12"] '9x

A1 Time Ta Blow Ya Mine

A2 Time Ta Blow Ya Mine (Instrumental)

A3 Tension Off The Chest [Featuring] - K-Solo

A4 Tension Off The Chest (Instrumental)

B1 Figure It Out

B2 Figure It Out (Instrumental)

B3 Where's The Funk At

B4 Where's The Funk At (Instrumental)


суббота, 16 января 2010 г.

Rugged Brood - Non Fiction / Look Out [12"] '97

A1 NonFiction (Dirty)

A2 NonFiction (Clean)

A3 NonFiction (Instrumental)

A4 NonFiction (Accapella)

B1 Look Out (Dirty)

B2 Look Out (Clean)

B3 Look Out (Instrumental)

B4 Look Out (Accapella)


Babigezus And Da Allstars Feat Greg Nyce - Can't Hold Us Down [12"] '96

A1 Can't Hold Us Down (Vocal Remix)

A2 Can't Hold Us Down (Instrumental Remix)

A3 Can't Hold Us Down (Accapella)

B1 Can't Hold Us Down (Vocal Babigezus Mix)

B2 Can't Hold Us Down (Yard Boy Mix) [Featuring] - Bearback

B3 Can't Hold Us Down (Instrumental)


Redd Bull - Raindrops (E.P.) [12"] '96

A1 We Gitz Down Like Dat (Street Mix)

A2 We Gitz Down Like Dat (Radio Edit)

A3 I'll Be Damned (Radio Edit)

A4 Raindrops (Radio Edit)

B1 Who's Da Baddest (Radio Edit)

B2 Tonight (Radio Edit)

B3 The Power (Radio Edit)

B4 So Happy Together (Street Mix)