воскресенье, 29 ноября 2009 г.

Da Nubian One Son Publik Anounsa and Hycelph da Supreme Child - End Of 96' / Deep Concentration Part One / One Rhyme / 97' Introduction [12"] '97

A1 Da Nubian One Son Publik Anounsa - End Of 96'

A2 Da Nubian One Son Publik Anounsa - Deep Concentration Part One

A3 Da Nubian One Son Publik Anounsa - Deep Concentration Part One (Instrumental)

B1 Hycelph Da Supreme Child - One Rhyme

B2 Hycelph Da Supreme Child - One Rhyme (Instrumental)

B3 Hycelph Da Supreme Child - 97 Introduction


Maja League - Organized Crime / Guard U Now / Shine Like The Sun [12"] '97

A1 Organized Crime (Radio)

A2 Organized Crime (Street)

A3 Guard U Now (Radio)

A4 Guard U Now (Street)

B1 Shine Like The Sun (Radio)

B2 Shine Like The Sun (Street)

B3 Shine Like The Sun (Instrumental)

B4 Guard U Now (Instrumental)


Da Noe Doe Network - Doe Biz / I'm Not Sure [12"] '9x

A1 Doe Biz (Radio)

A2 Doe Biz (Street)

A3 Doe Biz (Beat Pella)

B1 I'm Not Sure (Radio)

B2 I'm Not Sure (Street)

B3 I'm Not Sure (Instrumental)


четверг, 19 ноября 2009 г.

Various - Missing Link EP [12"] '96

A1 Interlude

A2 Pipers Of Zion - Sparks

A3 Interlude

A4 Kulture - Money Don´t Make Me

A5 Pipers Of Zion - We Come To Claim

A6 Interlude

A7 Red 1 A.C.C. - It´s On Me

B1 Interlude

B2 Pipers Of Zion , Kulture , Red 1 A.C.C. , Darkness - The Game ?

B3 Darkness Featuring K Sweetness - Once A Bad Boy

B4 Red 1 A.C.C. - My People

B5 Kulture - Letter To My Brother


среда, 18 ноября 2009 г.

пятница, 13 ноября 2009 г.

12 Jewelz - Shadow Of Death / Crystalize (Orange) [12"] '98

A1 Shadow Of Death (Radio)

A2 Shadow Of Death (Street)

B1 Crystalize (Radio)

B2 Crystalize (Street)


суббота, 7 ноября 2009 г.

четверг, 5 ноября 2009 г.

Dres - Special Edition Limited Vinyl [12"] '97

A1 Grand Groove

A2 New York City Niggas

A3     Night Time [Featuring] - Vicky Miles

A4 Sky's The Limit [Featuring] - Chi Ali, The Legion

A5 You're So Vain [Featuring] - Horace Brown

B1 Crazy World

B2 Hi & Lo (Searchin) [Featuring] - Shohn Father Don

B3 True Kings

B4 Damn Right [Featuring] - Fat Joint

B5 Sugar -n- Spice


The Ripper - Still In The Mood [12"] '94

A1 Still In The Mood (Raw Version)

A2 Still In The Mood (Instrumental)

B1 Still In The Mood (Edit Version)

B2 Still In The Mood (Remix Bonus Track)


The Hoodz - The Hoodz / Oolioo [12"] '94

A1 The Hoodz (clean)

A2 The Hoodz (dirty)

A3 The Hoodz (Spank version)

B1 Oolioo (clean)

B2 Oolioo (West Farm version)

B3 Oolioo (acapella)


Mr. Ruckuz - The Verdict EP [12"] '98

Ruckuz Side

A1 Intro

A2 The Resurrection

A3 Chump Change

A4 Underground Anthem

A5 Senselezz Murderz

A6 19 Skit

A7 She Was 19

Edit Side

B1 Hung Jury (Unedited)

B2 Chump Change (Edit)

B3 She Was 19 (Edit)

B4 Senselezz Murderz (Edit)

B5 Underground (Edit)


One Strength - The Tunnel [12"] '95

A The Tunnel (Vocal Mix)

B1 The Tunnel (Rough Mix)

B2 The Tunnel (Instrumental)


Mr. GreenWeedz and his Shades of Blue - Tempest [12"] '98

A1 Tempest [Featuring] - Capital D, Cosmos

A2 Some Love #

A3 Tempest (Instrumental)

A4 Some Love # (Instrumental)

B1 Me & A Pig's Sow

B2 Nocturnalasshosonathursday [Featuring] - Tone B. Nimble

B3 Nocturnalasshosanathursday (Instrumental)


Various - Dutch Masters EP [12"] '95

A1 Too Tall - Invitation

A2 Next Chapter - Props Don't Pay The Rent

A3 Deams - Killer

B1 The Grizzlies - The Chords Of My Blast

B2 DJ Jeff - DJ Jeff's Workshop

B3 Dutch Masters - Dutch Masters (Posse Cut)


среда, 4 ноября 2009 г.

Ras-T - Ill Nig [12"] '96

A1 Ill Nig (Street Vocal)

A2 Ill Nig (Instrumental)

B1 Ill Nig (Clean Vocal)

B2 Ill Nig (TV Track)

B3 Ill Nig (Accapella)


Rufnexz - Rufnexz [12"] '96

A1 Rufnexz Hip Hop (Radio)

A2 Rufnexz Hip Hop (Instrumental)

A3 Hed4dahillz (Radio)

B1 Pump Pump (Radio)

B2 Pump Pump (Instrumental)

B3 Hed4dahillz (Instrumental)


The Quiet Mob - Remember Them Niggas From The Hill / Red Light Green Light [12"] '95

A1 Red Light Green Light (Vocal)

A2 Red Light Green Light (Instrumental)

B1 Remeber Them Niggas From The Hill (Vocal)

B2 Remeber Them Niggas From The Hill (Instrumental)


Broadway - Must Stay Paid / Enjoy Yourself [12"] '96

A1 Must Stay Paid (Clean Mix)

A2 Must Stay Paid (Street Mix)

A3 Must Stay Paid (Instrumental)

B1 Enjoy Yourself (Clean Mix)

B2 Enjoy Yourself (Street Mix)

B3 Enjoy Yourself (Instrumental)


Da Nuthouse - A Luv Supream [12"] '98

A1 A Luv Supream (Radio Vocal)

A2 A Luv Supream (Instrumental)

B1 Synapsis (Vocal)

B2 Synapsis (Instrumental)

B3 Very Vocabulary (Bonus Vocal)


Moe Crazy - Knock 'Em Out Da Frame / Mr. All A That [12"] '9x

A1 Knock 'Em Out Da Frame (Main Mix)

A2 Knock 'Em Out Da Frame (Shoot Em Down Mix)

A3 Knock 'Em Out Da Frame (Radio Mix)

B1 Mr. All A That (Main Mix)

B2 Mr. All A That (Chip Chop Remix)

B3 Knock 'Em Out Da Frame (Knock Em Out Instrumental)