воскресенье, 26 июля 2009 г.

Social Contact - Money & The Scuma / Blunts And Liquor [12"] '99

A1 Money & The Scuma (Clean)
A2 Money & The Scuma (Instrumental)
B1 Blunts And Liquor (Clean)
B2 Blunts And Liquor (Instrumental)

Various - Beat Factory Rap Essentials Volume 1 [2x12"] '96

A1 Rascalz - Fitnredi (4:29)
A2 Concrete Mob - Boiling Point (3:17)
A3 Down To Erf - Learn To Earn (3:25)
B1 Kardinal Offishall - Naughty Dread (4:24)
B2 Black-I - No Lawz (4:23)
B3 Wio-K - Sunlight (3:42)
C1 Red Life - Who's Talking Weight (Remix) (3:46)
C2 Dan-E-O - Dear Hip Hop (3:24)
C3 Scales Empire - Bright Lights, Big City (4:00)
D1 Choclair - Twenty One Years (4:17)
D2 Citizen Kane - Structure, Foundation (What's The Plan) (3:14)
D3 Ghetto Concept - U.L. (4:24)

Ill Advised - Through The Eye [12"] '96

A1 Through The Eye (Radio Mix) (4:23)
A2 Through The Eye (Instrumental) (4:23)
A3 Kwestions (Instrumental) (4:21)
B1 Against The Grain (Radio Mix) (4:58) [Featuring] - Pauly Yams, Rahsheed
B2 Against The Grain (Instrumental) (4:58)
B3 Kwestions (LP Mix) (4:21)

P.H.A. - Don't Take Time [12"] '97

A1 Don't Take Time (Street)
A2 Don't Take Time (Radio)
A3 Don't Take Time (Instrumental)
B1 Absorbtion
B2 Absorbtion (Instrumental)
B3 I Don't Know (I Can't Say)

Mack A Damien Thorne - It Looks Like Reign [12"] '94

A1 Sucka Duck
A2 It Looks Like Reign
A3 Thats How My Thoughts Go
B1 Sucka Duck (Instrumental)
B2 It Looks Like Reign (Instrumental)
B3 Thats How My Thoughts Go (Instrumental)

Cappadonna - Taking Drastic Measures [12"] '96

A1 Taking Drastic Measures (4:05)
A2 Taking Drastic Measures (Instrumental) (4:05)
B1 Taking Drastic Measures (Cyphamix) (4:05)
B2 Taking Drastic Measures (Cyphamix Instrumental) (4:05)
B3 Aint That Whats Her Name? (2:26)

Barron Ricks - Rags To Riches / Harlem River Drive [12"] '98

A1 Rags To Riches (Street Version) [Featuring] - Cypress Hill, Self Scientific
A2 Rags To Riches (Clean Version) [Featuring] - Cypress Hill, Self Scientific
A3 Rags To Riches (Instrumental)
B1 Harlem River Drive (Street Version)
B2 Harlem River Drive (Clean Version)
B3 Harlem River Drive (Instrumental)

Mr Mic Rippa - Cream Hunt [12"] '96

A1 96 Cream Hunt (Radio)
A2 96 Cream Hunt (Explicit)
A3 Verbal Assaulta (Explicit)
B1 96 Cream Hunt (Instrumental)
B2 Verbal Assaulta (Instrumental)

Tha 9-x Cru - Smoked Hickory [12"] '94

A1 Smoked Hickory (Radio Mix)
A2 Smoked Hickory (Radio Re-Mix)
B1 Smoked Hickory (Street Version)
B2 Smoked Hickory (Jeep Version)

Da Funk - Money [12"] '96

A1 Money
A2 You Can Come And Get Done
A3 Lifestyle
B1 Money ( Instrumental )
B2 You Can Come And Get Done ( Instrumental )
B3 Lifestyle ( Instrumental )

четверг, 2 июля 2009 г.

Branded Black - Enta' Tha' Session / Check Tha' Mic [12"] '96

A1 Enta' Tha' Session (Vocal)
A2 Enta' Tha' Session (Instrumental)
B1 Check Tha' Mic (Vocal)
B2 Check Tha' Mic (Instrumental)

среда, 1 июля 2009 г.

The Inviseez - Haggen-Daj / Gotta Be Real' [12"] '94

A1 Haggen-Daj
A2 Haggen-Daj (Acapella)
A3 Haggen-Daj (Extended Version)
B1 Gotta Be Real
B2 Gotta Be Real (Instrumental)