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The Candy Store feat. Willie Littles & Entreprenuer - Candy Store EP [12''] '99

A1. Local Scarface (Radio Edit)
A2. My Only lady (Radio Edit)
A3. Get On Your Hustle (Radio Edit)
A4. Jewels Heist (Radio Edit)
B1. Local Scarface (Raw Version)
B2. My Only Lady (Raw Version)
B3. Get On Your Hustle (Raw Version)
B4. Jewels Heist (Raw Version)

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  1. Sorry but probleme with BPM!!
    Wrong speed songs!!
    Tracks are too slow!! Look at Discogs!!
    Sorry for my bad english!!Great blog & very good work, continues!! Peace!!

  2. Good speed for that: http://rapidshare.com/files/20176690/The_Candy_Store_Feat._Entreprenuer___Willie_Littles_-_EP__EP_-Ldqz-_1997_.rar

  3. Check B Side lable, it says

    Local Scarface 3:58
    My Only Lady 4:26
    Get On Your Hustle 3:12
    Jewels Heist 4:09

    And Ldqz version has

    Local Scarface 3:54
    My Only Lady 4:21
    Get On Your Hustle 3:07
    Jewels Heist 4:04

    5 sec. diffs, like 2% faster than original, or mb he just cut off 5 sec. from each track. I dont know... Ill search for another version.

  4. Check this... http://pureundergrime.blogspot.gr/2013/09/the-candy-store-feat-entreprenuer.html