суббота, 24 января 2009 г.

Pitch Black - Hold Me Down / Ashes To Ashes [12''] '95

A1 Hold Me Down (5:29)
A2 Hold Me Down (Instrumental Mix) (5:29)
B1 Ashes To Ashes (4:26)
B2 Ashes To Ashes (Instrumental Mix) (4:26)

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  1. Hey man.... i see lots of my rips and scans on this spot. i know you just recently put all these posts together but i dunno if im cool with you basically having my whole blog posted on your little mp3 spot. if you wanna leave that stuff up id like you to put "Link provided by BYL" and link my spot.

  2. Sup Bro
    Well, you know
    You got awesome blog, you've done great job rippin those VLS, we respect you for that and I want to thank you myself cuz i think this is fucking great, but to be honest i have no fucking idea which of these rips were tooken from your blog :/ I dont remember shit, geez I smoke hash everyday for years, so what do you expect from me? Sure we took some stuff from your blog, we took it everywhere we went, blogs, forums, Local Database, begging douch collectors for fucking weeks, what else? actually it doesn't fucking matter. Im talking about myself working hard as 5 mexicans doin nothin' but smokin blunt in front of computer while listen to original hip-hop shit allday. Yapp. The happiest man in the world right here.
    And about KGB Chamber, u kno, he got most of these rips even before he had a computer or internet, i have no fucking idea how he did that, and what's the original source, but im sure that it happened only becuz he loves hip-hop, So I do, We started this blog for ppl like us, so they can type what they want in google and just download it, 100% complete rips with no bullshit and dead links like most of the blogs have ATM becuz zshare got fucked up or time of file storage has expired and bloggers are fucking lazy to re-upload old stuff and some of these rips become "RARE" a.k.a. "pain in the ass to find". But some ppl still need these! And of course we upload everything we got lol, And im sorry if we reupped ur stuff without links to your blog, we just dont know where and what we exactly got... We never said that we rip these vls, but what we do is what we do, and i just want you to understand what we do here, why and what for and also realize that it takes shitload of time aswell. I hope we can become mates :P Oh and sure we'll link to your Blog and if you can send list of your rips we're using in our blog, ill make a post at the end of month with BIG THANKS to you and your blogs + list of your rips, is that okay?
    BTW if ne1 have similiar problems, contact me.

    Shhh i almost forgot, FAT CAP IS FUCKIN AWESOME TOO :D

  3. yeah,i`m with BYL, i was also like him when i spotted this blogspot...i don`t know if i should be happy with few of my rips here...actually i dont mind as long as you show some props...you know what i mean?as you know i have my own blogspot,and all stuff there is uploaded by myself and it takes long time to rip,master,convert to mp3,upload,write a review,post a pic or however. maybe my blog isn`t that popular as BYL`s but i can see fuckin` hundreds of downloads and no comments even in C-box...so what tha fuck?everyone can download for free,enjoy but it seems it is hard for them to say thanks?
    anyway,this blog is good cause all this shit iz kept in one place...
    and last thing...i dont mind if you get my rips and post here,but it would be nice to see link to my spot...
    thanks for understanding.

  4. K m8, thanks, ill try to find out which rips is yours and tag them with ur name. Ill start in a few dayz, Im kinda sick atm :/ Winter always fucks me up.