воскресенье, 15 февраля 2009 г.

Godfather Don - Hydra Beats Vol. 7 [12'']

A1. Godfather Don - Executive Technology
A2. Godfather Don - Cream of Corina
A3. Godfather Don - Slick City Sick
A4. Godfather Don - Hot Open
A5. Godfather Don - Mi Vida Enfermo
B1. Godfather Don - Remembering Ivy
B2. Godfather Don - Fuck It Up
B3. Godfather Don - The Heat
B4. Godfather Don - Fist Full of Pastelles
B5. Godfather Don - The Wicked City


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  1. Hello men!! You had post a great 12": Heather B - Do You - 1998, but I don't find it!!! Can you re-post please and another version of the candy store EP - 1999, with good speed songs!!!
    I don't find it too!! Can you re-post these two 12"!!!!!!! Thx a lot men!!!!!!!!!
    PS: Do you have Devon Noah Allah 12"??????

  2. Nope i dont have DNA, and im still looking for another version of The Candy Store. Ill check Heather B.

  3. I found one rip of DNA