четверг, 12 марта 2009 г.

Blak Forest - You Are Now Entering The... Blak Forest [12''] '97

A1. Shaydie - You Are Now Entering The Blak Forest
A2. Circle of Power & Landmines - The Fourth Quarter
A3. LMNO - Never Before
A4. Urbanites - Mental Status
B1. Hakim Tha Wize - Don't Drink The Water
B2. Sleeze 1 - Throw 'Em In The Sun
B3. Kamikaze & Urbanites - Game of Def
B4. Helrazor & Shaydie - Fly Lines
C1. Kamikaze - Just Wanna Be A Star
C2. Landmines - Approach With Discretion
C3. Hakim Tha Wize & Urbanites - 4est Green
C4. Circle of Power - Get Da Paper
D1. Sleeze 1 - Dedicated M.C.'s
D2. LMNO & Shaydie - Predictable Contradictions
D3. Blak Forest - Street Legal (Treehouse Pt.II)
D4. Blak Forest feat. Stuart Wylen - Street Legal (Treehouse Pt. II) [Radio Edit]


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