вторник, 6 октября 2009 г.

Doo Dirty - Thats The Way I Wanna Live / Live By The Gun [12"] '96

A 1
Thats The Way I Wanna Live

A 2
Live By The Gun

B 1
Thats The Way I Wanna Live (Radio)

B 2
Live By The Gun (Radio)

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  1. Posted this on my blog some days ago. Would you be able to have my blog as "Some Sources" to the right? I'd appriciate that since you're posting things I have posted on my blog recently.

    Thanks and keep it up!

  2. Can you and loaded it in the blog, but I know whose this rip, it from other source!

  3. aReal is it a scan of record you own? and are the mp3s files you recorded from a record you own? if not you dont have a point.

  4. Okey, nevermind then. Sorry for asking, didn't realize mp3'z and exchanging blogspots was serious business, yo!

    @BYL, no it's not my rip. I don't know who ripped it originally.

    But all in all, I did not realize you had to have the records to exchange blogspots on the intrawebz, my bad, yo!

  5. Hahahah except BYL the others are getting MP3 war hahaha guys all of you use soulseek,is not dificult to see who is original ripper of that.


  6. Let`s help you.FTD is original ripper of that and those scans are taken from his rip also.

    Clear now?
    Don`t be fighting.

  7. I was not fighting man. I just noticed he said something i find my self often saying to people. but i was questioning his motivation. My motivation for telling people to give me creds on a post is cause the scans and mp3s come from something i put blood sweat and tears into getting. my vinyl is my life man so i gotta get respect where respect is do. i just assumed from aReals comment he owned the 12" so i wanted to clarify. sorry if i offended any heads.

    peace bless ya life!!!