пятница, 13 ноября 2009 г.

12 Jewelz - Shadow Of Death / Crystalize (Orange) [12"] '98

A1 Shadow Of Death (Radio)

A2 Shadow Of Death (Street)

B1 Crystalize (Radio)

B2 Crystalize (Street)


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  1. Did you know Robby D (Rob Dyrdek) started this label with his homeboy DJ Greyboy? Learned that nugget of indie history a while back. Makes me respect Rob in a whole different light. I was already well aware of his innovations in the skate community. With his introduction of the Skate Plaza and the Safe Spot Skate Spots his really made a difference in street skating. And right now hes working putting together a multi-brand sponsored skate league comprised of varies teams. Hes doing a studio movie called Street Dreams that is supposed to accurately portrait the life of skater witch will feature Paul Rodriguez as the main character. Being a avid skater I have always respected Rob for is entrepreneurial skills. When I found out that P-Jays record label, the label responsible for the 12 Jewelz singles, was started by skate-legend Rob Dyrdek, I was pleasently supprised.